How do I register for an event?

Go to our events page and click on the event you want to participate in (novice, amateur, or pro). Read through the general information of the tournament and see if the event suits you. If you'd like to register for the event, there's a "Registration" tab located in the second navigation bar (you'll need to sign in to in order to register). Fill out your details, choose your payment method, and you're now registered!

How do I view my matches/when are matches posted?

Go to the event you're participating in and select the "Standings and Schedule" tab. When your matches are available, they'll be posted there (generally your next week of matches are posted Sunday evening).

Scheduling matches/my opponent won't reschedule our match

To schedule your matches, go to the 'Standings and Schedule" tab and select the match you'd like to reschedule (make sure you're logged in). Once you're on the match page, you can request a new date and time to reschedule your match. If your opponent agrees to this change, he'll need to login and accept the new match time proposition. If your opponent doesn't like this change, he can decline it, and you both can either try to find another time that works for both of you, or play at the default time and date listed (10:00 EDT on Wednesday or Thursday). Additionally, you can use this page to communicate with your opponent.

Can I register after a league starts?

Yes, you can! When you register late, you'll be placed into an unassigned division until we can schedule you into the normal flow of matches, where you'll then play as normal, just like everybody else. You won't be able to have as many points as other people (as they've played more matches than you), but you still have a good chance of making it to the playoffs, and even if you didn't, at least you had fun!