Dear Team Coordinator or Manager; On behalf of Demolition Scor "DeS" Team, we would like to invite your team to participate in our DS Monthly Cup, Scheduled on Saturday August 1st, 2015. The cup will be played in US Servers. The DS Monthly Cup features: - $200 CAD Price pool, - 1st place: $150 CAD & 2nd place: $50 CAD - Invited 16 Teams - Captain mode, best of 1 - Brackets. We Invite you to share this invitation with other DOTA 2 Teams. To submit your application at our website: (Note: A confirmation will be emailed when your application is received) Please feel free to contact our admin at: We are looking forward to your participation! Sincerely,
Hey glad to have you as an opponet! Feel free to add me on Steam or we can just chat here. The scheduled time is fine with us so let me know if it is ok with you and if we need to find a broadcaster/judge or anything. Thanks.
Hello! We are super excited to have you! We'll get an email out to you soon (today). We may not have a game for you this week as the schedule is out already but next week for sure!

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