Rocket League Season 1



Schedule will be released when the tournament starts on 4/29/20

Important Links

Register Here!


FaceIt Tourney Page (To be added soon)

General Rules

The rules are a work in progress, if a situation is in need of judging or clarification, don't hesitate to ping the rocket league admins in the discord.

Matches will be run using FaceIt. Instructions on how to sign up will be distributed closer to the start date of the season. Scheduling, Rescheduling, Match Settings, Match Hosting, and Score Reporting will all be handled automatically. 

We assign every match a default time, you are of course welcome to reschedule at a better time for you and the other team, but both captains must confirm this on the match page on the site. For your scheduled matches, each captain must communicate with each other to ensure that both teams know the agreed upon play time. If a captain does not accept or communicate with the other team’s captain a forfeit will be given if evidence of the lack of communication are provided. Also, if a time is not agreed upon by both captains the default time becomes the time the match must be played.

Please check your match pages frequently for comments or changes!


We encourage you to contact the other captain ahead of time to ensure the time works and to coordinate on finding a caster or whatever else you might need for your games. However, should you be unable to communicate with the other team, contact admins. If you need to reschedule, communicate with the other team’s captain as soon as you can and take screenshots of the attempted communication. Use our discord to your advantage.


If all of your team’s players are not in the game 15 minutes after the scheduled time, you forfeit your series. Also, if you do not add or communicate with the enemy team’s captain, you forfeit your series. We want this to be a fun league and encourage you to scrimmage, but if you are claiming a forfeit win, you must do so BEFORE any games are played. If both captains agree to play late, you may no longer claim a forfeit win. Evidence of a no-show should always be captured (screen shot, etc) and submitted IMMEDIATELY to this email: We will use the time we receive the email as the final time the match was called. If you forfeit 2 consecutive series then your team will be removed from the league for the season.


This is a fun league. We take very seriously any bad manners, swearing, or any kind of derogatory comments. If we receive reports of this, we reserve the right to immediately remove you from the league and not allow you to play again.

If you have an issue you feel the admins need to get involved with, please collect evidence and email or contact us in Discord.

Stand ins

Stand ins are most definitely allowed. We want the games to be played! If you are having trouble filling your roster for a series, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you fill your roster. 


Contact us at or on Discord and ask away!