Rocket League Season 6 - Upper Division


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Date Match Score Details
5/19/21 8:30PM EDT eat ass not post vs Backpost Gaming 1 : 3 Info
5/19/21 8:30PM EDT Fuck Britain vs Monkey Men 0 : 0 Info
5/19/21 8:30PM EDT Demos Inc. vs Trump's Tiny Hands 1 : 3 Info
5/19/21 8:30PM EDT Beeg Monke vs 2 Octanes 1 Ford 0 : 3 Info

General Information:
This is a semi-casual 3v3 league where teams are created at the start of each season via a draft format. The highest MMR players in the league take turns selecting players to add to their teams from the players that remain. The draft order is determined by the average MMR of each team, with the lowest MMR drafting first in each round. The season begins with a round-robin regular season, and ends with a double elimination playoff bracket. Games are played on Wednesdays at 8:30 est by default. 


- In game communication must follow our chat rules laid out in the Discord channel. 

- Regular season matches are all best of 5, and the results must be self reported on the website to be counted. 2 matches are played each week

- You are expected to show up for games at the regularly scheduled time each week, unless you have reached out to your opposing team and arranged a reschedule beforehand. 

- Rescheduled games must be requested 24 hours or longer prior to regularly scheduled games. Failure to do so will grant the opposing team the right to refuse the reschedule, and if you cannot make the games you will be issued a forfeit loss. 

- Each player on a team is responsible for reaching out to the other 5 affected players to reschedule.

- Rescheduled games from the regular season can be played during any rescheduled week. Any games that remain unplayed by the time the playoff bracket is created will not be counted and will not impact seeding. 

- Rescheduled games from playoffs must be completed before the next week's games are set to begin. Teams suspected of abusing this rule and not making a good faith effort to reschedule will be investigated at admin discretion.

- Players who no-show a match with no warning will be issued 1 warning. Second offenses will result in a ban from the current season, and the inability to sign up for the next season. Right to play will be restored after 1 full season has passed. Best efforts will be made by staff to find a replacement player in the rough skill bracket of the banned player, so their team is not punished as well.